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known issues on all Systems

  • none

known issues on Windows

  • the installer does not contain the plugins for image loading. I will fix this in the Beta 3.

known issues on Linux

  • Image loading may not work when starting WinFIG via a symbolic link. The reason is that WinFIG adds it's home directory to the search path for the image loader plugins. If you look into the WinFIG folder you will find a plugins directory. The home directory is derived from the command that was executed to start WinFIG, i.e. WinFIG is in /home/userxx/WinFIG/WinFIG, then the home directory is /home/userxx/WinFIG. Using a symbolic link sets the home directory to the location of the link instead of the target of the link, i.e. you create a link in /user/bin, then this is the home, but there is no plugins directory. You will have to make a link for the plugins directory there too.
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